God is Lonely XXXV: Seth Rich Assassination? D.C. Crime Stats Support It!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8. The pure in heart may endure a fate of fighting against evil, and the limited amount of evidence America has regarding the tragic death of Seth Rich greatly supports that he was fighting against evil, and specifically, against the Democratic National Party’s scheming plan to rig elections. Kim Dotcom is a witness hanging in the balance that can seemingly identify Seth as the leaker of the D.N.C. emails, which is now snagged in the web of  Kim’s legal battles against the U.S. government’s warring laws against the people, called lawfare. More broadly, is errant discretion, as witnessed by former F.B.I. Director, James Comey when he unwittingly admitted under oath that the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice failed to follow the law for the past 50 years. Comey also ignored eight criminal counts in the Clinton Foundation investigation. Details of the amorphous Comey will continue, enhancing the saga!

501 PSA

The swamp is gradually being revealed, and in doing so, the largest single body of evidence in the Seth Rich murder investigation is seemingly corruption, supported by:

Other questions arise that point to the swamp’s manipulation of the investigation which then sufficiently points to a criminal conspiracy, and not a theory.

In the world today, where assassination threats of POTUS come from the rich and powerful and members of Congress, and given the foregoing discussion, and upon drilling down on the D.C. Metropolitan Police’s crime statistics, the tragedy of Seth Rich’s murder was plausibly, an assassination.

Below is a map of the D.C. Metropolitan Police’s PSA’s, or Police Service Areas extracted from their 2015 annual report. Each three digit number represents a PSA, and the first number of each PSA, represents the police district. For example, the alleged crime scene of Seth Rich is 501, which is in the D.C. Metropolitan Police’s Fifth District. When using the search tool provided on the site to identify locations and tendencies of crimes, what does it show? Naturally, a search should include all of the PSA’s surrounding the 501, the alleged crime scene. PSA’s from the First, Third, and the Fourth District surround the 501 Police Service Area. Therefore, a search should include the following PSA’s: 501, 502, 506, 102-103, 306, 308, and 405. The data for the crime map for each PSA is the number of homicides in each area.


For the alleged crime scene of Seth Rich, here’s the homocides in the 501 PSA for the 2016 year:

501 PSA

Here’s the homocides in the 502 PSA for the 2016 year:

502 PSA

And the 506: 

506 PSA

And the 102 PSA:

102 PSA

And the 103 PSA:

103 PSA

The 306 PSA:

306 PSA

The 308 PSA:

308 PSA

And the 405 PSA: 

405 PSA

During the 2016 year, there were 136 homicides in the jurisdiction of the D.C. Metropolitan Police. Conclusive summations of the Police Service Areas involving the alleged crime scene of Seth Rich, and the surrounding PSA’s, are as follows:

  1. The alleged crime scene of Seth Rich’s homicide is in the 501 PSA, and he is the only homicidal statistic for the 2016 year.
  2. In the 501 and the surrounding PSA’s, only 12 of the 136 homicides occurred.
  3. Zero homicides occurred in three of the surrounding PSA’s.

Here is the 501 PSA again, where the alleged crime scene is of Seth Rich’s homicide:

501 PSA

The tragedy of a pure heart stands alone as an outlier in a sea of 136 homicides. The homicides in the surrounding PSA’s represent only eight percent of the total homicides in the jurisdiction of the D.C. Metropolitan Police for the 2016 year. The first, first reports of the notification of the homicide were documented as coming from the ShotSpotter reports on the morning of June 10, 2017. The next day on June 11, 2017, the D.C. Metropolitan Police issued the following contradictory press release. What’s in the ShotSpotter report that is being withheld or hidden from the public, and if it’s material information, who is involved in the criminal cover up? The ShotSpotter data could very well, sufficiently support an assassination!

Seth Rich Press Release

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