God is Lonely XXXIV: Seth Rich & Police ShotSpotter Report!

“Their throat is an open grave, with their tongues they keep deceiving; the poison of asps is under their lips.” Romans 3:13. This evil noise remains prevalent from the oppositional forces of truth in the murder investigation of Seth Rich, an investigation of biblical historicity given the implications as a possible handmaiden in the potential, final destruction of the Democratic Party. The historical backdrop gives rise to the snakes in the weeds surrounding an assassination. Swirls of information or disinformation, purposely shroud the truth. No wonder the details of the ShotSpotter activity in the Seth Rich murder investigation are not discussed. Mission accomplished thus far, as such evidence isn’t in the psyche of the American public.

DC Shotspotter 2013

The critical evidence of the ShotSpotter activity reports in the investigation of the Seth Rich murder is seemingly ignored to the extent that said evidence has not been requested. ShotSpotter technology is a network of strategically placed sensors that can pick up the sound of gunfire and pinpoints a close approximation on the streets. This technology triangulates the sound of gunfire picked up by the strategically placed sensors that could be on utility poles, lights posts, buildings, and otherwise. Washington D.C. began the implementation of this technology in 2006; here is a report from the ShotSpotter activity in D.C. on July 30, 2016.

Because the ShotSpotter system functions on a triangulated result to pinpoint the location of the gunfire, the location is approximate, unless there’s a sufficient number of sensors placed to provide an exact location. The implications are enormous in the Seth Rich murder investigation because the alleged crime scene may not be the actual crime scene.

Crime scenes are cordoned off and streets are blocked while detectives and forensic professionals scour for evidence and knock on doors, questioning folks in the surrounding area for pertinent information; not to mention blood on the street that is cleaned and may leave residue of cleaning agents. Such crime scenes generate a multitude of witnesses that may not have witnessed the murder, but witnessed the crime scene. Yet, instead, there doesn’t appear to be any witnesses in the Seth Rich murder investigation that witnessed the commotion of the crime scene!

Could it be then, that where the crime scene actually occurred, that witnesses of said crime scene aren’t aware he/she witnessed the crime scene of Seth Rich?

Again, the implications are enormous to the extent the D.C. Metropolitan Police is implicated in the cover up of Seth Rich’s murder. One reasonably questions the veracity of two conflicting reports that circulated from the D.C. Metropolitan Police, because one of them is fraudulent; and why would the police issue a fraudulent report or announcement?

The alleged first report from the D.C. police was transmitted from the Washington Post as follows:

“Rich was found shot several times, at least once in the back, about 4:20 a.m., after police were alerted by sensors that detect the sound of gunfire. ShotSpotter sensors drew officers to Flagler Place and W Street, a block from a townhouse Rich moved into two years ago with several roommates.”

The alleged second report from the D.C. police was transmitted from CNN as follows:

D.C. police said officers who had been patrolling the area responded to the sound of shots fired, ultimately finding Rich at the scene both “conscious and breathing.” He was then transported to an area hospital, where police said he “succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.”

Which is it? Did the ShotSpotter activity alert the D.C. police, or did the patrolling police officers find Seth Rich in the streets bleeding from gunshot wounds? If it’s the latter, there may have been trails of blood from the disequilibrium of Seth Rich’s footsteps. The size and magnitude of the crime scene would be more substantial than detailed before, and bearing many witnesses!

Where are these witnesses?

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Report, or the Public Incident Report, shows it was the ShotSpotter that alerted the D.C. Metropolitan Police, as follows:

SR Police Report

Why then, are the tongues deceiving and the poison of asps under the lips detouring all of America away from the ShotSpotter reports that would reveal key elements in the Seth Rich murder investigation? Was there real time ShotSpotter activity in the area? If so, where are the ShotSpotter sensors located? Does the proximity of the sensors provide a crime scene approximation in feet, yards, fractions of a mile, or farther? Who is responsible for producing the second, first police report that contradicts the other report? If the Shotspotter data is fraudulent on the police report, who communicated it to the patrolling officers who then unwittingly noted the fraudulent data on the police report? Numerous questions arise!

And the questions arise because there are two conflicting first reports from the D.C. Metropolitan Police that points to a motive to create a fraudulent first report; and therein, is a criminal conspiracy, and not a theory.

Citizen investigators are decrying the denial of FOIA requests involving evidence in the Seth Rich investigation; the denial of such requests for ongoing investigations is standard operating procedure and scribed into laws across the country.

The head scratcher? The FOIA request for the Metropolitan D.C. ShotSpotter report falls outside of the exempted exclusions of FOIA requests, yet it doesn’t appear that this report has been sought. In other words, the D.C. Metropolitan Police cannot deny a FOIA request for the Shotspotter activity. If a FOIA is sought for the ShotSpotter activity for the day of Seth Rich’s murder, and it’s still denied, then it’s a probable affirmation that an internal cover up is occurring.

The matter at hand would then be lawfare, or warring laws against the people, a dangerous and deadly game as detailed by Julian Assange, and waged against Kim Dotcom.

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