God is Lonely XXXIII: How U.S. Laws Block Kim Dotcom’s Truth of Seth Rich!

“The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes at him with his teeth.” Psalm 37:12. The plot and success in 2000-2001 to errantly redefine a “fugitive” in federal law is now, indirectly blocking critical evidence from @Kimdotcom that can reveal Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails to Wikileaks; such evidence is a silver bullet motive for murder in the death of Seth Rich.

@Kimdotcom and @seanhannity were on the verge of revealing said evidence as documented in their Twitter conversation, up until those efforts came to a screeching halt:

Kim Hannity Tweet 1 Kim Hannity Tweet 2

Several forces were at work in blunting the forthcoming truth and this downright pissed off Americans. Citizen investigators set off on a firestorm, consumed with the light of righteous indignation and blazing across America for evidence while barreling over the enemy’s quashing of truth.

Concealed in the blunting of evidence from Kim Dotcom is the statesmanship of silent tyrannies, and specifically, the nondescript tyranny of lawfare that Julian Assange with Wikileaks has sharply warned against. But the statesmanship of lawfare is mostly censored or ignored, for reasons that will become frighteningly obvious. Lawfare is a portmanteau of the words law and warfare; and in simple terms, it is a warring mechanism against an enemy. As Julian Assange stated, “lawfare is getting access to territory by pushing your laws into this territory, instead of your military. It’s a very modern and sophisticated concept, and that’s partly what the TPP is about.”

The lawfare used against Kim Dotcom gave life to his mind-boggling tweet below.  Such lawfare must be standing in the way of the historical evidence that Kim now asserts to possess in the Seth Rich case.

Kim Dotcom Tweet

If the notion of lawfare isn’t yet evoking fear, bear in mind that it only took one word to transform U.S. law to Big Brother itself into the entire planet, and declare any of the 7.5 billion people a fugitive in some prosecutorial cases.

One. Word.

There are many tentacles to Kim Dotcom’s legal case but the essence boils down to microscopic lawfare. The primary issue was one of jurisdictional grounds. Below is a snapshot of an integral part of Judge Liam O’Grady’s memorandum opinion filed in Dotcom’s case, dated February 27, 2015. In footnote number “4”, marked with yellow highlight, the judge summarized Kim’s argument. To paraphrase the judge about Kim’s assertions:

Hey, I’m in New Zealand, and you’re in America, and you have no say in what I’m doing thousands of miles away in my homeland. Since you have no jurisdiction, you must rule on this point first, upon which, no other matters will exist, and therefore, you must dismiss the case.

Marked in red highlight below, Judge O’Grady opines. To paraphrase:

I can decide (sua sponte) the jurisdictional grounds at the same time as deciding the other issues because “Disentitlement” (whether or not you’re a fugitive) issues have been filed by the prosecutors, which is a threshold issue (very important) and therefore your motion to dismiss is irrelevant. 

MO KimDotcom 22715

In this type of case, inscribed into U.S. law, the flow of matters are anachronistic. Simply, the U.S. government knows it has no jurisdictional grounds and it must first manufacture it and to do so, it backdoors, or bootstraps an errant fugitive law to declare Kim a fugitive.

How so?

That. One. Word.

From 1876 to 1999, the U.S. law for fugitive disentitlement didn’t permit such action and in 2000 and 2001, coinciding with the near timeframe of the Gestapo-like Patriot Act, this law was transformed. The fullness of “28 U.S. Code § 2466 – Fugitive disentitlement” was born, and in (a)(1)(B), the word “enter” was added, as follows:

(B) declines to enter or reenter the United States to submit to its jurisdiction;

Kim Dotcom failed to enter the United States, so therefore, he was made a fugitive.

That. One. Word. Is. Silent. Tyranny.

The people never asked for this and once again, Congress betrayed the people, and the decider may have been the United States of CIA.

The Department of Justice’s Eastern District of Virginia was over the Kim Dotcom case. The prosecutor was in the Alexandria, Virginia office, which is the same office that has assigned a prosecutor to the cases of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Nothing like a U.S. District that is the home of a vast population of government employees that cheers Big Brother for its manufactured authorities.

That one word errantly added to the fugitive disentitlement law tyrannically pushes US laws across the globe, and such wickedness was plotted, and now it gives resistance to the truth about Seth Rich. Kim Dotcom is against a warring machine. Special Counsel Robert Mueller should accept Kim’s offer, but he probably won’t.

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