God is Lonely XXX: The Plan To Kill You

America’s victory in the Cold War marked a point in time of large historicity, of which in one particular way, remains a secret within the U.S. Intelligence Community. This long secret, serves to give symmetry to history. As such, a question can now be posed:  What does the CIA have in common with Jesus’ Apostles? The answer to this question reveals a stunning, and clearer understanding of America over the past several decades.

The Plan

The Apostles journeyed, preaching the Word of the grace and salvation of Jesus; the world transformed from a polytheistic world to a monotheistic world. No other time in history has this occurred; it is of great historicity. After America’s victory in the Cold War, the U.S. government endured a period of time like the Apostles, of further transforming the world into peaceful nations of monotheism.

The CIA hijacked the proselytizing of peace in the world, and instead, gave symmetry to the world, by manufacturing wars and other doings, which aided in the unleashing of polytheism. This is no accident as it is intended to reverse monotheism for polytheism as in the days before Jesus; this is of great historicity.

Recognition of this symmetry and the MSM’s complicity in it, sheds light on why the MSM is warring against the people, fails to expose the reasons why Islam is a fraud, fails to condemn assassination threats, and fails to elucidate why Schumer is a Hostile Witness to the Deep State. Monotheistic, peaceful believers remain befuddled, while understanding the possibility of an impending Civil War and supporting the truth from Julian Assange in the 2nd American Revolution. Yet, the exact reasons are unknown why the CIA committed treason and unlawfully engaged itself as the secret state police, spying and gathering massive secret details about every American.

The CIA, designating itself as the secret state police, or the United States of CIA, is both confusing, and clear. It had the ability to quash all crime. Yet, it did not, and, criminals only engaged in more crime with impunity. What else might the Intelligence Community do with the information it has about all Americans, and possibly, about all 7.5 billion people in the world? Parts of the plan have long been on the U.S. one-dollar bill staring at Americans every day of their lives. By default, the U.S. one-dollar bill is a pedophilia symbol.

The Intelligence Community now has the information it would need to “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE” in accordance with like-minded polytheistic believers. The fateful warning is carved in the Georgia Guidestones. It appears that such a plan may have taken place during the U.S, presidency of 2017-2020, however, an unplanned candidate won, which threw off the plan.

This is a plan to kill you, if you’re not one of the 500 million. With the information the Intelligence Community has collected about you, what criteria is used to determine if you would be killed or not for the planned global mass genocide to reduce the world population to 500 million. Monotheistic God of the Bible believers are the first on the list to kill because of the self-evident reason that they are in diametric opposition to polytheism.

There are 2.3 billion Christians and 75 million followers of Judaism; this is roughly 2.4 billion right off the top and the population would then be culled from 7.3 billion to 4.9 billion. According to government statistics, the population for ages 0-17 is 2.23 billion; and since polytheistic followers worship the sacrifice of children through Moloch and other pagan gods, and engages in pedophilia, an estimate of about 2.1 billion minor children would be selected for the global mass genocide. The world population would then be 2.8 billion people and is much closer to the goal of 500 million. There are various other manufactured, selective criteria for depopulating the planet to reach the final population goal.

Suffice it to say, intelligence agencies, including the Five Eyes, unlawfully, know who you are, and the information serves a specific purpose.

I know I’m on the list to be killed.

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