God is Lonely XXVII: United States of CIA

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17. While most people are familiar with the foregoing, few are mindful that it’s Biblical scripture. If Ghandi had said it, and not God, people would know! The flow and content of information, or disinformation, is the power of kingmakers; and this power is crushing the minds of the people in the Fake News War.


The Washington Post made an official declaration of war when it published a list of alleged fake news mediums, all of which were, coincidentally, new and independent mediums that reported news in a manner unlike the mainstream media. This list was developed by PropOrNot. A few of these alleged fake news mediums threatened lawsuits against the Washington Post, and as it turned out, PropOrNot was indeed, for all practical purposes, by a fraudulent standard the Washington Post was using, a fake entity. In all, the Washington Post essentially used the data from a fake entity to proclaim that other news media were fake. Pot and kettle tactics in a war!

Shortly thereafter, in answering the Washington Post’s declaration of war, Ron Paul went nuclear, and published “The Real Fake News List.”  This list was instantly a viral meme on social media:

Real Fake News List

Battles upon battles ensued in the Fake News War, and, repeatedly, the mainstream media continued to sustain crippling embarrassing defeats from publishing fake news.

God is Lonely argued in multiple articles that fake news wasn’t fake news because it was instead, fraud. We advanced the argument by factually presenting, a seemingly impossible argument, that the 1st Amendment Excludes Very Fake News. Indeed, a First Amendment Constitutional crisis should be hand, because, if, the press wages war against the people, it’s not the press; it is instead, a warring faction.

Then, on March 30, 2017, Glenn Greenwald, who was the publisher of the Edward Snowden whistleblowing leaks, and who made prior allusions to mainstream media fraudulence but didn’t specifically state as such, published an article and wrote of mainstream media fraud. Greenwald specifically stated, “journalistic fraud.” Boom! Glenn leans left politically, and has now entered the Fake News War against his comrades.

Fraud is fraud even when it’s called fake. The Fake News War will continue story by story by story; fact checkers upon fact checkers upon fact checkers! It will drive America mad in search of the truth, all the while, America is on a hinge for its fate, as a result of the fraud.

Hit the stop button. Why? Because the victor in the Fake News War can be declared now. How so? News mediums, or the press, that has not informed the people of the following of which is now fact:

  1. The Deep State
  2. The plan for a one-global government
  3. The people responsible and guilty of the one-global government conspiracy
  4. Existence of False Flags
  5. The coup conspiracy of the United States
  6. Council of Foreign Relations treasonous White Papers
  7. U.N. Anti-Semitism
  8. The CIA is the secret state police, or gestapo
  9. Keynesian Economics is fraudulent
  10. Obama’s true person

The list is not limited to this and it will grow as other alleged conspiracy theories will also turn out as fact as the fraud is revealed to the people

For a couple of decades, if not longer, the mainstream press insisted propagated that these tyrannical actions, and other frauds, were conspiracy theories. Imagine, if, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, CNN, Tom Brokaw, or perhaps, Ted Koppel, and others had informed the people since the 1980’s, or the 1990’s, or perhaps, during dubya’s presidency, that America was being overthrown from the inside out. Would America, and sovereign European nations, be fighting for their sovereign rights today.

Absolutely not! Through this clarity, the mainstream press maliciously failed to inform the people. As a result, the people are warring against itself. Mission accomplished by the fraud news press.

But did the fraud press take it upon themselves to control and manipulate the minds of Americans in order to overthrow America? Absolutely not.  The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), part of the Deep State, published papers that CFR members would implement upon appointment as a Secretary of State, or other cabinet positions. The CIA secret state police was involved in matters in coordination with the Deep State. In summary, the CFR, the State Department, and the CIA secret state police are identified as elements of the Deep State. Among these three, the CIA secret state police is a kingmaker, tyrannically making politicians and controlling the mainstream press to craft a stealth United States of CIA, or whatever name the tyrants may have designated.

Did Ted Koppel report the overthrow of America? No, he did not. He and his ilk, are fraudulent, and are bad for America. Hey, iron sharpens iron. But, fraud isn’t iron; both melt though and only one of them disintegrates upon doing so. The mainstream press is the enemy waging war against the people.




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4 thoughts on “God is Lonely XXVII: United States of CIA

  1. Corruption leads to Destruction
    It Is Up To Us To Decipher
    Following You and The Work You Do Helps Us Americans with Real vs. Fake News
    Keep Going We Are Listening


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