God is Lonely XXI: Who is Obama?

“Why are the nations in an uproar and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed:” Psalms 2:1-2. While Obama evoked the era of mafia mob bosses by having his long-time Chicago lawyer, Valerie Jarrett, move into his home, America remains at odds with itself because of Obama’s actions of making the U.S. and Israel, for the first time in history, as both an insider and an outsider among nations. In so doing, Obama proved two things:  1) He is a sociopath; and 2) America was duped by a sociopath.

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The beauty of Obama’s sociopathic ploy, from a sociopath’s perspective, is that, two opposing viewpoints had an appearance of being true at the same time, and thus, to the observer, the mind is focused on the conflict and not the third element which was purposely hidden in the magic; a good magician diverts the audience’s attention. Obama prosecuted this expertly, and to date, the third element remains obscure. Sociopaths have a unique ability, and desire, to inextricably bury the truth in a maze, whereas, the truth-teller exposing it, has difficulty unwinding the events in a clear and concise manner; or, the story is so complex and elaborate that it’s not believable to the listener. It is noteworthy, that the foregoing gaslighting operations are also employed by corrupt county, city, and state governmental officials as well as at the federal level.

Obama prosecuted his sociopathic magic when he, in silence, effectively stood with the United Nations against the U.S. and Israel in the passage of the anti-Israel U.N. resolution 2334 in December of 2016. The two opposing viewpoints creating the conflict are as follows:

  1. Obama, as president, is an inference [part] of evidence that he is America in his representation, and therefore, America and the U.N. stood against Israel in the anti-Israel UN resolution 2334; or
  2. Obama, as president, was a rogue actor permissive of an act that was contrary to the will of the people and historical U.S. policy, and therefore, he stood with the U.N., against America and Israel, in the anti-Israel UN resolution 2334.

In summary, the conflict is simplified as follows:

  1. America and the U.N. are standing against Israel; or
  2. Obama and the U.N. are standing against America and Israel.

Number two is correct. In effect, Obama’s manufactured conflict is a residue afflicting America with a plague, whereby, America stands against itself while America Gaslights America again.  Meanwhile, Obama, a sociopathic magician, has remained untouchable of the third element which he skillfully concealed in the magic. What is the third element that Obama hid? Stand by!

To understand the depth of the magic, who exactly is Barack Obama beyond mere identification criteria? Besides, Barack Obama’s identity remains a secret because his records remain sealed. Unidentifiable identities usually lead to two roads: fraudulent identity or the CIA.

But, what do we know about Obama? Or, what is it about Obama that America was made to think it knew about Obama? For one, Obama was allegedly a constitutional scholar and yet, there’s no evidence of it – and, surely, such articles would be published, and not sealed. Oops, somebody forgot to cover some tracks and plant some so-called scholarly articles with Obama’s name forged to them.

The mysteries of Obama’s identity only expand upon further research; all leading to unverifiable dead-ends of a ghost. Certainly, the company one keeps is telling in identifying a person. What about that Chicago lawyer, Valerie Jarrett, who resides in Obama’s her client’s home?

Just as the road of investigating Obama’s identity leads down only one path to dead-end ghosts, the road of investigating the company Obama keeps leads down only one path, but of communistic, sociopathic friends and associates; and oh, one Chicago lawyer with a communistic background that is always in the same home.

Recently, Obama was compared to Nixon’s Watergate, up until, evidence showed Obama’s premeditated shadow government to take down President Trump. Then, it’s discovered that the company Obama keeps knew about Obama’s secret takedown of President Trump. Hillary Clinton also knew about Obama’s ploy. And, the company Obama keeps, knew about his premeditated shadow government that was planned as a totalitarian police state regime as early as 2013 as another hostile witness, U.S. House Representative Maxine Waters, simply states in the video below:

These discoveries are on top of America previously finding out that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is a liar. And before this, America had found out that Eric holder, made an infamous record of being the “only attorney general in American history to have been held in criminal contempt of Congress.”

Bruce tweet of holder

So, who is Barack Obama? He’s not a constitutional scholar. Obama, and the company he keeps have employed the tactics of the very people America fought against in World War II. On the contrary, specifically, Adolph Hitler was Antisemitic and this, surely dispels any comparison to Obama. But, while Iran chants “Death to Israel,” and “Death to America,” and “Death to Jews,” Obama strengthened Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Few Americans know, that during Obama’s time in the White House, he ignored when he leaked hectoring complaints about Israel’s prime minister in public. It’s in no way justifiable for then President Obama to have publicly defamed Benjamin Netanyahu. All the while, Obama remained silent about the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian revolutionaries waging war against Israel.

Obama claimed to fight for the defenseless in America that were surrounded by alleged predators, and yet, he was a predator of Israel, a tiny nation enclave surrounded by a sea of predatory Antisemitic nations that desire to kill all Jews and Israel. It’s no coincidence that Obama and the U.N. stood with Iran and other Antisemitic nations, against America and Israel. Obama’s sociopathic ploy in artfully doing so concealed who he actually is – he wasn’t going to make the same mistake and openly, but errantly and evilly, blame Jews as one Adolf Hitler trumpeted. Obama, instead, concealed his antisemitism in sociopathic magic. Obama’s stand against America and Israel, could still lead to World War III, and he’s fully mindful of it.

Who is Barack Obama; he is Adolf Hitler and it’s necessary for Soros and for all of the globalists, and their endgame.

Who Is This 4


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