God is Lonely XX: Pedo-Extortion, The Globalist Endgame

“Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, ‘I am only joking!’” Proverbs 26-18:19. “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8. These people, as revealed by ex-CIA senior agent Robert Steele, are the CIA and Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad. For Judeo-Christians, of which Israel is representative of the Judeo half, this is apocalyptically frightening. Certainly, it beckons new signs the end is nigh! Remember, the CIA isn’t a representative of American Evangelical Christians. Still, the implications of a CIA-Mossad evil covert operation are unGodly enormous.


Mr. Steele alleges the CIA and Mossad worked together in [the] covert Pedogate (Pizzagate) operations of engaging bribery in addition to blackmailing U.S. politicians and others abroad by threatening to expose acts of pedophilia; whereas, some of the blackmailed politicians are pedophiles and some are framed as such on the dark net. As alleged, the CIA and Mossad orchestrated global events by controlling those in the highest of High Politics to do their bidding by leveraging bribery and blackmail. The primary endgame was to weaken Syria and Iran. The extortion racket is said to include heinous acts at the pedophile island, known as Orgy Island, where, the acts were secretly recorded on video; the masses are waiting for the video evidence in addition to waiting for an honest answer from David Rockefeller.

A glaring endgame for Israel, a target for genocide for thousands of years, could be a plot to engage its own evil plan to end Iran’s ongoing threat of calling for the death of all Jews and the death to the tiny Israeli nation enclave that sits surrounded by a sea of anti-Semites. Lo and behold, the opposite happened as former President Barack Obama’s inimitable actions weakened Israel and strengthened Palestine and Iran.

As such, any and all Pedogate extortion for the ends to weaken Israel, were perfectly successful for the CIA, while failing for the partner in crime, Israel. What gives? After all, Israel’s ally was apparently, the mightiest king of the Deep State. Simply, Israel got played and was double-crossed. Barack Obama, also an ally of the Deep State with a cemented relationship greater than Israel, allowed the anti-Israel UN 2334 resolution, that in effect, made in the globalist world what is false to be true and what is true to be false as follows: Israel is illegitimate and Palestine is legitimate. This is an epitome of Antisemitism!

Making Israel illegitimate in the globalist world is an avenue that could lead to the destruction of Israel. Essentially, Israel is the odd nation out when it comes to the globalist endgame. Certainly, there is no place for God of the Bible in a one-global government, that Bill Gates famously announced. The CIA, in conjunction with the Obama administration, in respect to the UN anti-Israel resolution, seemingly plotted for setting the wheels in motion that would lead to Israel’s destruction, while, fraudulently allied with the Jewish nation in the covert Pedogate operations. Pragmatically, in a world view as the globalists engage, a great way to destroy God of the Bible on the planet is to first destroy the Judeo half of Judeo-Christianity. But, did the Pedogate operation to double-cross Israel actually work?

The theory was a work of art, perfectly formed, framed, and displayed for the initiated to awe in wonder, until only one thing transformed it! Russia. And Satan is pissed off. Russia voted for the anti-Israel resolution, adding to the despair of the tragedy. Russia’s actions however, unrelated to Israel, greatly diminished the globalist endgame, and thus, neutralized the stronghold of the globalist Pedogate operation. God works in mysterious ways!

While the CIA was double-crossing Israel, Russia was double-crossing the Deep State. Russia was supposed to shut-up and stay the hell out of the way, so it seems. Why? Remember the 20% of U.S. uranium that went to Russia? This transaction would never have occurred under any other former president in the history of America.

The Cold War wasn’t that long ago – many Americans still remember participating in nuclear war drills as schoolchildren, crouching underneath wooden desks, knowing full well it offered no protection; many Americans still remember MAD, or mutually assured destruction. Oh, and hello Hollywood and your Dr. Strangelove.

The uranium transaction in respect to a court of law remains as an unproven, quid pro quo to entice Russia to stay out of the way of the globalist endgame. One question looms large: If the Pedogate operations achieved the globalist ends in America and in Europe, why didn’t Pedogate work with Russian politicians? Certainly, if Pedogate operations were effective with Russians, there would have been no uranium deal.

But Russia didn’t take the uranium and shut up, and stay the hell out of the way of the globalist endgame. For this reason, Russia Hysteria first began as a fraudulent ploy to overthrow President Trump for treason, and quash Russia – two birds with one stone. In all of the incessant noise of the Russia Hysteria that continues, whether it’s in relation to Syria, Ukraine, oil, oil pipelines, election hacking, Russian ambassadors, or whatever, there are only several data points that are specifically relevant. And, what was Russia supposed to shut up about, and what was it supposed to stay out of the way of?

First, the aforementioned uranium deal stands with all other data points. Period!

Second, NATO’s website contains a discussion of the Russian-Ukrainian-EU gas conflict, questioning who stands to lose the most. After much blather and propaganda, it concludes by stating: “The strategic question is no longer whether Europe has alternative gas import diversification options. It is rather whether European member states have the political will and strategic vision to oppose Russian pressure; formulate coherent national strategies; and bring national interests and strategies in compliance with the declared common EU energy and gas diversification policies.”

What coherent E.U. national strategies? What national E.U. interests? What national E.U. strategies? What E.U. declarations? The E.U. has been and remains in self-destruction mode and this is unrelated to Russia. What Russian pressure is NATO referring to? The never-ending, self-evident fraudulence of Russian hysteria from the Opposition Party provides no answers. Could it be then, the concerns about Russia’s annexation of Crimea? Or is it the concerns about Ukraine?

As ZeroHedge reported:

Russian officials took exception to the unsubtle U.S. and European support for the demonstrators in Kiev, Ukraine, that had overthrown the democratically elected, pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych two years before the expiration of his term. With Ukraine transformed as an anti-Russia nation, its neighbor, Crimea, is vitally important.

Crimea was part of Russia from the 1780s until 1954, when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev transferred control to Ukraine. Since Ukraine and Russia were both part of the Soviet Union, that decision didn’t matter much at the time, but with the USSR’s disintegration, having a vital military base in a foreign country became a concern to Russia. Today, Russians have reason to ask why U.S. political leaders and policymakers treat the arbitrary edict made by the communist dictator of a defunct country with such reverence…Moscow’s security rationale for the annexation [is] far from insignificant. With the emergence of a staunchly anti-Russian regime in Ukraine, the Kremlin had reason to fear for the future of its crucial naval base at Sevastopol.

Nope, that can’t be it either – because Russia is receiving pressure from the E.U. and the Deep State, not the other way around. What then, is the Russian pressure that NATO is referring to?

Was it Russia’s pressure of delegitimizing Europe itself, by delegitimizing George Soros and his Open Societies that makes paths to ruination? In 2015, Russia banned Soros’ Foundation as a “Threat To National Security And Constitutional Order.” Russia named the Soros organizations as “undesirable groups,” and prohibited Russian citizens, organizations, or otherwise from participating in any of their projects.

One year later in 2016, a leaked memo exposed George Soros’ plan to overthrow Putin and destabilise Russia. So there was a full-scale silent war between Russia and Soros. And the Deep State is an ally of Soros. Notably, again, Russia appears as an untouchable in relation to Pedogate blackmail. Is it because the Deep State and Mossad were unable to corner Russian politicians in the scheme? It certainly gives the impression.

Going back to 2012, Mitt Romney, as a presidential candidate shocked the world by naming Russia as America’s number one geopolitical threat in the world. Confusion across America permeated because it seemed nonsensical without justification.

Still today, there is no rational explanation for Mitt Romney’s Russian allegations. As the Pedogate operation unfolds, it’s becoming increasingly likely that Russia was a great threat, in a warped and evil sense, because it was feared, that bribery or blackmail would be an ineffective operation against Russian politicians. With the information known today, Mitt Romney’s statement could be completed as follows: Russia will be the number one geopolitical threat in the future because it will never agree to a one-global government.

In support, as the tweet below states, manufactured Russian hysteria was a premeditated operation by the DNC. The globalist endgame was always to fraudulently manufacture, Russian hysteria. The Wikileaks document captured below can be viewed here.

The answer to NATO’s question about who stands to lose the most in a Russian-Ukraine-EU gas conflict, is the E.U. But the globalists’ hands are inherently tied from speaking the truth because in doing so, they’ll confess that they’re the communists, and not the people they’re gaslighting as communists. And, the Deep State, the E.U., and Soros are not surrendering, as they continue to wage battles to cripple Ukraine, in hopes of seizing communistic control of the gas in Ukraine.

Like the Jewish nation of Israel, Christianity in Western civilizations have been under attack for delegitimization by Open Society Islamization. Awakened Americans shouldn’t be surprised the CIA used Israel to do the dirty, evil work as a chief blackmailer to sustain covert globalist endgames, while, also plotting for the destruction of said chief blackmailer. In all, it’s a non sequitur to recognize the global endgame for a one-global government, and omit a globalist endgame in a greater war — a spiritual war. The globalist assault in a spiritual war explicates the stealth reasons behind the Open Borders warring engagement. Theoretically, philosophically, pragmatically, politically, spiritually, and more, a one-global government can only be created, exist, and subsist, without the one true God. Destroying the first half, and the second half of Judeo-Christianity, is a warring mechanism in the endgame for a one global government, absent of God of the Bible.

To the confusion of globalists, their endgame is changing. It is written, that God confuses the enemy! Thank God for Russia’s insusceptibility to bribery and blackmail in the Pedogate operations, at least, as is self-evident, to the extent that Russia will not submit to a premeditated globalist endgame. As such, and despite an apparent uranium payoff to shut up and stay the hell out of the way, Russia was unable to shut up about the worldwide communistic Open Borders invasions. Russia instead, stands against it.








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