God is Lonely XVII: Pizzagate, Blackmail, & Satan

And Satan answered the Lord and said, “Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man has he will give for his life. However, put forth Thy hand, now, and touch his bone and his flesh; he will curse Thee to Thy face.” Job 2:4-5. Satan was defeated and Job[e] remained faithful to God. Satan has always delighted in boasting. When the stock market was crashing in 2009, Satan boasted to the world on the 9th of March, that it had seized power of America when the S&P bottomed at 666. Skin for skin, the evil master commanded the High Corridors and High Politics.


How did Satan seize control of the stock market? In so doing, Satan first had to seize control of America. Although unintended for such diabolism, Executive Order 12631 opened a window for Satan to possess such power in advertising its infamous 666 trademark after it seized control of the country. This Executive Order’s signed intent had instead held righteous principles of America remaining great by its implementation only in catastrophic circumstances.

God vs. Satan! Counter-Coup [Trumpians] vs. Coup [Satanic Deep State]

Satan delights in bribery, blackmail, and extortion; and the foregoing evil corruptions lead to the dark world of human trafficking, pedophilia, and satanism, otherwise known as pizzagate; or, skin for skin, the killers in America! Exposing such corruption and corrupters, makes it necessary to understand them.

In its vast evilness, and heretofore an unthinkable event in history, Satan’s Deep State coup made inimitable history when it openly boasted of seeking revenge against President Trump. Beforehand, the Deep State’s revenge may have appeared as speculation because the people could officially point to only one hostile witness to the Deep State. This battle against President Trump is an attack against the counter-coup and the people. Skin for skin! Assassinations in America!

The Deep State’s boasting occurred after its blindness and failure to foresee that its treasonous takedown of Michael Flynn was a boomerang. As a result of the Deep State’s espionage in the takedown, President Trump’s administration can now counter with an official investigation of said espionage. Beforehand, such investigations into the Deep State were problematic; except, said investigations are problematic again because of the aforementioned  declaration by the Deep State that it will openly engage war against such actions. Skin for skin! Killers in America! 

Furthermore, in its declaration of rebellion, the Deep State has now acknowledged President Trump’s proclamation of the 2nd American Revolution. The coup versus the counter-coup is no longer a secret in the hidden corners of the ether. On the beloved Valentines day, a sobering warning was proclaimed to all Americans, to wake up. It’s the 2nd American Revolution and too many questions remain about the possibility of a civil war.

Satan is somewhat on the run though, as pedophilia busts around the country are quickly adding up in addition to those in Ghana and Norway; and all of these arrests are rolling up witnesses that turncoat against Satan. By now, awakened Americans in the 2nd American Revolution are aware of the allegations of Satan’s Deep State control of America by means of bribery, blackmail, and extortion through underground operations involving human trafficking and pedophilia; and the allegations of these abominations include, but are not limited to: 1) Sexual acts with minors in homage to the satanic god Moloch; and 2) In some cases, the cannibalization of minors following sexual acts; and 3) The removal of human organs and blood from the minors for profit and for fountains of youth for the aged or medically ill satanists.

How did Satan’s Deep State logistically impose such a powerful operation?

One of the logistical operations required control of the media by the Deep State to control the minds of the masses, and along came Operation Mockingbird; or something to the foregoing’s intent to infiltrate and control the mainstream media in order to facilitate America gaslighting America. Although the mainstream media’s reports are fraudulent all day every day, their manufactured, garbage and fraudulent Russian hysteria, and their quashing of Pizzagate go hand in hand with the Norway pedophilia bust. Russian hysteria was intended to turn the ship of geopolitical world events against nationalism in America and Europe, overthrow President Trump for treason, and like Hitler, quash and censor select media, and specifically new and independent media’s investigations of Pizzagate; thereby burying it as a conspiracy theory.

It’s no coincidence that the Deep State’s timely Russian hysteria and its attempts at quashing Pizzagate, closely aligned with the timeframe of the significant pedophilia arrests in Norway. No wonder Satan is pressing its madness as the Norwegian pedophilia bust raised its fiery eyes in hell as God began to reveal it.

Why is the Norway pedophilia bust significant? The aforementioned, current events in the 2nd American revolution between the coup and the counter-coup lead to the corrupters.

Former CIA director William Colby began his CIA career setting up Operation Gladio in European countries, Norway included. Operation Gladio was a covert organization by the CIA to assist NATO in organizing opposition against Russia during the Cold War. Although unconfirmed on an official bases, leaks from a source by the name of FBIanon, assert that the CIA, during Operation Gladio, recruited a young man from Norway, Jens Stoltenberg. Years later, Mr. Stoltenberg became Prime Minister of Norway from 2000 to 2001, and from 2005 to 2013.

Jens Stoltenberg is now at the top of NATO as the 13th Secretary-General. The source also alleges that Stoltenberg, as a longtime CIA asset, gained the appointment as Secretary-General of NATO by the CIA’s blackmailing operation of planting child porn onto Dark Web pedophile sites. As specifically asserted by the FBIanon source, blackmail forced politicians to approve the appointment of Jens Stoltenberg as Secretary-General to NATO.

In all, it’s not treason to expose treason!

Blackmail of child porn was allegedly a secondary operation only after the primary operation of bribery fails. The bribery operation, as alleged by FBIanon, included somewhere between $60 million and $300 million, allegedly paid from the coffers of Norway to the Clinton Foundation. Shortly after the pedophilia bust, it was officially announced that Norway’s payments to the Clinton Foundation were crashing. The large scale pedophilia bust, as alleged, would have essentially removed the blackmailed reasons Norway was making the payments.

Norway’s internal pedophilia investigation allegedly included two Conservative Party leaders: Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Borge Brende.

These Conservative Party leaders allegedly made the arrangements for the fund flows with Chelsea Clinton, and Hillary and Bill Clinton. Why would a political party that stands in opposition to the Clintons make such an arrangement? The anonymous source alleges that a Conservative Party foe, Labour Party bigwig Espen Barth Eide, a former minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs in Norway while Jens Stoltenberg was Prime Minister, turned up the pressure to secure the funding. In essence, as alleged, it appears that Norway may have been blackmailed to funnel money to the Clinton Foundation for multiple purposes; and one such purpose could perhaps have been for bribery; and if said bribery failed, planted child porn on Dark Web sites was then used as blackmail. Skin for skin! Assassinations in America!

The implications are enormous. No wonder Satan nervously propagated the Russian hysteria and attempted to quash Pizzagate.

Controlling politicians through blackmail insures Satan’s elite players are in seats of power, and their designed, evil plans are carried out. So how would a CIA asset serve the elite at the top of NATO? There’s many ways, and one specific motivation of Jens Stoltenberg’s NATO along with globalists was to create an oil-and-gas pipeline from Cypress into Ukraine. From here, Satan’s Deep State warring is complex, but suffice it to say that globalists, including former Nazi George Soros, the Clintons, and NATO’s pipeline collapsed when the Russian military launched strikes against ISIS.

Beginning to make sense! No wonder one of the logistical operating arms of the Opposition Party, the mainstream media, foolishly propagates that worldwide radical Islamic jihadist killers, are not killers. In the end, it appears that the Russian military strike against ISIS, made the globalists vulnerable that then enabled Norway to proceed with the pedophilia bust and remove the reasons it was being blackmailed. Again, no wonder the globalists hate Russia!

Satan’s reach is far though! The aforementioned Labour Party messenger that allegedly facilitated the Norway funding, Espen Barth Eide, is the managing director at World Economic Forum, more readily known as the Davos World Economic Forum. Eide is also the UN Special Adviser to Cyprus, where the oil pipeline plan that collapsed, was to begin.

Speaking of Davos World Economic Forum, this story is now leading to the New World Order, or the one global government that Bill Gates trumpeted. In all, the allegations by the source, roughly connects the dots of the Norway pedophilia bust as follows: From U.S. intelligence agencies to bribery, to blackmail, to money flow, to the Clinton Foundation, to CIA assets in High Politics, to NATO, to oil pipelines, to Russia, to America gaslighting America, to the New World Order, and finally to pizzagate.

Again, no wonder the globalists wanted to censor pizzagate. And it’s not treason to expose treason.

Skin for skin! The world is still waiting for David Rockefeller’s answer! The allegations about Jens Stoltenberg remain as allegations. One thing is for certain though, the man on the right, is a Godly man. All praises and glory to God. Amen!

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  1. The name of your site. The stuff you are writing about. I see all of this stuff too. I thought I was alone in this. He’s coming back….

    E-mail me please


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