God is Lonely XVI: Civil War II, Paul Revere Rides Again

“Therefore I also said, ‘I will not drive them out before you; but they shall become as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare to you.’” Judges 2:3. They’re brainwashed Nazis that are fraudulently blaming the first half of being Nazis. They’ve normalized the criminality of threatening assassinations, vexatious litigation, and mass killings while fraudulently calling the first half dangerous. They’ve fraudulently fabricated Russian hysteria in attempts to falsely arrest President Trump for treason; and they’ve exacted revenge and confessed to the existence of the Deep State. They’ve done the bidding of former Nazi George Soros to fight for Open Borders chaos and to oppose a wall for law and order. They’ve fraudulently kicked forgotten men and women of America to the curb. Their fraudulent acts are seemingly endless thorns in the side, and their gods are seemingly a snare.

Can the ongoing tumultuous events result in a civil war in America? Allusions of a civil war persisted in December of 2016 when the Opposition Party attempted to overthrow the election of President Trump. And although the risks of a civil war appear to have lessened, discussions are no longer secretive of it potentially occurring.

There’s a theory floating around that the Opposition Party’s wartime strategy is to allocate a bottomless pit of money for sufficient, organized rage and chaos in America to create a civil war. The alleged denouement is that a civil war enables the globalist liberals to seize control of the country for it’s tyrannical one global government, that Bill Gates trumpeted.

Warnings abound today in the 2nd American Revolution. In the 1st American Revolution, Paul Revere sounded the alarm atop his horse, “The British are coming.” As an iconic symbol of warning, Paul Revere lives in spirit today as an American activist as numerous accounts are using his name as an avatar. “Paul Revere’s Ride” gallops through the digital highway.


One such Paul Revere, who is either directly or indirectly part of Anonymous, often tweets biting truths such as this one:

Judges committing treason and there’s no recourse! The legalese can be exhausting. Suffice it to say, that constitutional rights for recourse against rogue, “so-called” judges were taken away from the people. What option is there when constitutional rights are stripped by tyrannical treasonous actions?

Paul Revere warns of illegal, criminal riots that are reported as legal protests.

Does the awakening of Americans and knowing the truth increase the risk of a civil war?  Awakened Americans pulled the trigger on the shot heard round the world against tyranny. Benedict Arnold was unable to conceal his infamous traitorous acts in the 1st American Revolution, and similarly, awakened countrymen are no longer victims of deception by the vast and organized traitors in the 2nd American Revolution.

Everything points back to Paul Revere’s warning of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a Court with an 80% reversal rate at the Supreme Court. Rogue judges can ruin the lives of individuals. Further, rogue judges can ruin a country. Not only has the rights of the people been stripped, but also their right for action against it. In essence, it’s become legal for illegal action against the people. Certainly, this is a silent Iron fist.

While half of the country is gaslighted to not only endorse the illegality, they’re fighting for it. Meanwhile, Americans who love America voted to stop this corruption. With such a vast division, it’s foreboding of a catastrophic collision between the two halves. But, a civil war depends on many things.

The First Great Awakening, an evangelical movement for the need of salvation through Christ, occurred several decades before the 1st American Revolution. Some of the freedoms penned in the U.S. Constitution stemmed from the awakening. Certainly, the First Great Awakening contributed to the awakening that led to the 1st American Revolution. Now, in the 2nd American Revolution, the people are waking up across the land and it’s manifested in many ways. One noteworthy manifestation rooted deeply in majestic truth, or Light, is in the recent transformation of the phraseology of “fake” things such as “fakenews” to serious allegations of  fraud.

There was a Second Great Awakening, and whether the patient, peaceful half of America is a force in a Third Great Awakening, remains a question. Only God knows. Certainly though, the unpeaceful movement by the other half of America rages on, stoked weekly, if not daily, by secretive manipulations of the Deep State; and the Deep State, along with its fraudulent conspirators surrender nothing. If the current awakening is comparable, it’s notable that God’s people won the 1st American Revolution. Paul Revere rode his horse during his “Midnight Ride,” warning of the approaching enemy, and thirteen colonies in America won the opening battles at Lexington and Concord and eventually won the war; although they were supposed to lose. Then, as now, it was a rejection of the evil tyranny of the existing government, the sole superpower.

Paul Revere is riding again in the 2nd American Revolution and the intentional acts of treason against Americans is weighing heavily. Historically, incessant, blatant oppression leads to bad things. And in bad things, good things can come. Is there a physical civil war in the horizon?  Only God knows, and His people remain peaceful, and ready.



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