God is Lonely XV: Soros, Russia, & Pizza

“…Truly, truly, I say to you, that one of you will betray Me.” John 21:21

Your death for David Rockefeller’s life? According to Anonymous, David Rockefeller now awaits his death bed and has been put on notice for his vast treason against the people in the 2nd American Revolution. The notice given to Mr. Rockefeller requires a reply that is seemingly a historical decision in the face of his death!


David Rockefeller was the chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation, a too big to fail banking conglomerate and a master of money. Money is itself a vast and complicated thing, and Thomas Jefferson warned of its enormity of evil when he said that “financial institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.” Globalists engaged the very thing Jefferson warned about, transforming currency into blood money by sanctioning worldwide tyranny through fraudulent Keynesian economics. In so doing, David Rockefeller and his conspiracists, arrested the people’s minds to drift into a walking sleep which enabled the Second Great Depression to remain hidden in modernity. That is, until, the people began to awaken.

Maliciously, the globalists, or the Opposition Party, waged war against the people on many fronts. After a dagger in the back was set with blood money, another metaphorical dagger was stabbed in the heart of America and other nations by the deployment of a physical war disguised as Open Borders Societies: a warring engagement led by former Nazi and Democratic donor George Soros that gaslights the people to facilitate their transformation and willingness to destruct their nations from the inside out, including assassinations. This brand of imperialistic communism transformed nations until the people began to awaken in both America and in Europe of the realization that their Power of Attorney was hijacked.

Although America has had long-standing allies for decades, Soros’ brand of imperialistic communism now raises a question about which nations are truly friendly and which nations are truly hostile. For example, some countries in Europe may remain in favor of Soros’ brand of imperialistic communism, while Russia opposes it. It’s seemingly a new brand of a Cold War. In this scenario, Russia may be a friendly nation to the U.S., and the European nation may be hostile. The entire order of foreign policy is in question.

For this reason, garbage Russian hysteria was and remains a purposeful, coordinated gaslighting operation by the globalists to: 1) Disguise the change in friendly and hostile allies; and 2) A continued attempt to fraudulently arrest President Trump for treason; and 3) Attempt to thwart a potential U.S.-Russia ally that would aim in the defeat of global, imperialistic communism. Russian hysteria emerged again over President Trump’s response to Bill O’Reilly during an exclusive interview. Bill O’Reilly asserted, “But, [Putin] is a killer.” The fraudulent media was in an uproar after President Trump responded, “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. Well, you think our country is so innocent?”

With the Deep State in the U.S. involved in a global war thru the deployment of blood money and imperialistic communism, they certainly kill people in High Politics.  Believing otherwise is naive. The false righteous indignation over the equality between killers in America and killers in Russia is part of the gaslighting operations.  The same organizations quashed journalistic investigations of “Pizzagate” that involve wretched rituals with minors and the subsequent death of many of them, if not most. Why would killers in Russia have importance, and killers of children be quashed from the ether?

Pizzagate is a worldwide child trafficking conspiracy that allegedly serves a satanic religion that stipulates sexual acts with minors.  The rituals appear to include the cannibalization of the victims afterwards, all in homage to the god, Moloch.  The phraseology “Pizzagate” derived from the pedophilia code word, pizza, which means a little girl. The FBI has identified a plethora of pedophilia code words. The Wikileaks release of “The Podesta Emails” contained an unexplained, strange reference to “pizza.” And these strange references are disturbing and unending. There is a vast amount of circumstantial evidence in the emails of pedophilia. Equally, there are questions in order to substantiate involvement in the satanic ritual. But why is the matter initially quashed in the same manner as the pedophilia allegations were at Penn State and the Catholic Church? After all, the allegations proved factual in both cases.

The first bottom line is this: Podesta pizza isn’t pizza!  And since Podesta pizza isn’t pizza, then what is it? And why were jounalistic investigations shut down? Was the investigation shut down to prevent others from finding out what Podesta pizza actually is? Probably!

Is there a greater killer than a killer that sexually seduces a child and then cannibalizes it? No! Yet, such killers are probably hiding within the powerful Deep State, and it is then simple to understand how killers in America equal any testament to killers in Russia.  And, these American killers are some of the people involved in the treasonous acts against America and other nations in the two deployments of blood money and imperialistic communism.

The powerful manipulators of the world are not willingly surrendering. While an answer is awaiting from David Rockefeller, former Nazi and Democratic donor George Soros must be stopped. Then what? There is a most powerful man that staunchly believes that destroying the treasonous acts of imperialistic gloablists is evil. He knows what you eat, where you shop, what you read, where you live, what you care about, and more, and treason against you is apparently acceptable to him.  He is heretofore, the most powerful man in the world that has yet to assert his power in the manner of George Soros. He could lord over the world in a one-global government that David Rockefeller envisioned, and that Bill Gates trumpeted.

He must be stopped and this can be accomplished in the framework of U.S. anti-trust laws.

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