God is Lonely XIV: Impending Suicides in the 2nd American Revolution

“The king said, “I will disguise myself and go into the battle.” …Then it happened, when the captains of the chariots saw that it was not the king of Israel, that they turned back from pursuing him. Now a certain man drew his bow at random and it struck the king…So he said to the driver of his chariot, “Turn around, and take me out of the fight; for I am severely wounded.” And the battle raged that day…the king was propped up in his chariot…and died at evening, and the blood from the wound ran into the bottom of the chariot…and they washed the chariot…and the dogs licked up his blood.” 1 Kings 22:30-38.

Forget about civility today, February 4, 2017! Abject hatred in the country has worsened and the disguises of people and organizations are unmasking itself. All the while their fraudulent acts are flickering and flashing through the ether during the 2nd American Revolution.  There are fraudulent Christians, fraudulent followers of Orthodox Judaism, fraudulent federalists, fraudulent constitutionalists, fraudulent Americans, fraudulent patriots, fraudulent media, and more. And, while the fraudulent ravings rave on, metaphorical arrows patiently remain in the quivers of true patriots!

From the time of the first reported assassination threats to the present, there are now 12,000 assassination threats per day. Alleged beacons of democratic free speech transformed into fiery hate and hellfire. One man, afflicted with gaslighted fraudulency, set himself afire in protest of true patriots. California threatened to cut off funds from Washington D.C. and proceeded with secession engagements. The sanctity and impartiality of a Federal Court is forever stained after a federal judge ignominiously fashioned a vagina hat while assuming the bench in Court. Hate speech is fraudulently disguised as poetry. In the midst of all of this madness and fraudulence, former Nazi and Democratic donor George Soros’ name is connected once again to organized protests but this time the American Civil Liberties Union aided in the organizing efforts; and thus, a question is now posed of whether or not the A.C.L.U. is a vexatious litigant.

Countrymen were gaslighted to believe what is false to be true and what is true to be false for the purposeful, malicious intent to divide the country to aid in rigging the presidential election; and to further aid in the fast-paced race of whether Hillary Clinton or President Trump served time in prison. When the fraudulent Russian hysteria proved itself as garbage and its intent to imprison President Trump failed, globalist moneymen increased funding for organized efforts to heighten the hatred and division of the people across the country.

The goal was allegedly to incite a threat of a civil war in America to unseat President Trump and undermine the will of the majority of the people that voted to make America great again. Upon the failure to incite a physical civil war, American globalist liberals expected a military coup to unseat President Trump. Distinctively, the appointment of General “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense appears as a decision, equally as much for domestic enemies as for enemies abroad. Resultantly, any theory or hope of a military coup is cooked up hope by nervous, fearful globalists that are panicking. Paranoia is justified because many of them are guilty of vast felonies and treason. The degree and complexity of the fraudulent manipulation of the world to forego potential imprisonment included propaganda to set the stage for World War III; and this was evidenced by: 1) A reprise of a new Cold War through the garbage Russian hysteria; and 2) A treasonous anti-Israel, anti-Judeo-Christian U.N. resolution; and 3) The largest military deployment since the Cold War.

Although the evil plan failed, the fast-paced race of war-mongering in hopes of creating a diversion to avoid prison now glares in the apparent, impending appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Certainly, the guilty are fearful that Senator Sessions will prosecute them while more light is shed on the past administration’s prosecution of those exposing corruption; all the while it’s not treason 2expose treason.

And while Senator Chuck Schumer is a hostile witness to the Deep State, many others have zero chance at a witness plea because they’ve sold their soul to the devil. The realization the end is nigh will no doubt make men shed tears and cry. What will they do? Some will go to prison. And what will others do? It’s bouncing in the ether that some of the treasonous traitoring traitors are afflicted with wretchedness, fearing the day of judgment and could be suicidal.

If so, the dogs will stay clear of the satanic blood; and their followers will heartily and faithfully spirit-cook it for consumption while paying homage to Moloch.

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