God is Lonely XI: CIA is Now Exacting Its Revenge?

“So the craftsman encourages the smelter, and he who smooths metal with the hammer encourages him who beats the anvil, saying of the soldering, “It is good”; and he fastens it with nails, that it should not totter.” Isaiah 41:7.

America is more divided today on January 29, 2017 than it was previously.  The division has worsened in part because of one difference:  the mainstream media no longer pretends to represent itself as a news medium. Critical questions are surfacing.  Which writers have been given marching orders to produce warring articles against working Americans?  Which writers are producing warring articles out of ignorance due to being brainwashed? And, in consideration of Senator Schumer’s testimony about the Intelligence Agencies having six ways to Sunday to exact revenge on President Donald J. Trump, there must be writers that are producing articles out of fear the Intelligence Agencies could harm him or her?  And, there must be executives in news mediums that are giving marching orders out of fear the Intelligence Agencies could harm them?

In the past year or so, the mainstream media possessed a modicum of pretense and show for reporting with investigative journalism.  And in years past, these news mediums trumpeted concerns of the erosion of the middle class. Now, virtually every article by every mainstream media news source is a warring rant against the people who care about making America great again. This clear and present opposition against the American people is why the MSM was identified as the “opposition party” here, here, and here.

What’s next? California is pursuing preliminary secession actions that may result in America consisting of only 49 states in the near future. The Federal Reserve mocked unemployed Americans behind closed doors. Allusions and discussions of assassinations prior to President Trump’s inauguration are continuing.  Republican Neocons are warning against a Russian reset despite propaganda that was proven as garbage; and all the while, a German newspaper editor suggested murdering President Trump.

Although the evidence is self-evident that globalist liberals are spreading their own brand of imperial communism in the European Union and America, the opposition party is gaslighting Americans to believe the exact opposite. There’s two very distinct forces in the world fighting against each other and there’s no sign of it quelling.  It could quell, but doubt is building when the opposition party convicts President Trump while he’s moving at the fastest pace in history of actually fulfilling his promises to the American people.

The forces against truth are purposeful in the 2nd American Revolution. Was there concern of retribution that caused a ban on the sales of ammunition just twelve hours before the presidential inauguration?  The oppositional forces against Americans that want to make America great again are real, and it appears that the opposition party may currently be enacting a phase of the Deep State’s revenge on President Trump.

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