God is Lonely X: U.S. Opposition Party is The New Russia

“Why are the nations in an uproar, and the peoples devising a vain thing?” Psalms 2:1. For their masters, the opposition party, were confused how the election in America that they had rigged, had become not rigged. They threw money at election recounts in an attempt to prove that a second act rigged the election in a opposite direction to undo the first act. The con men outwitted the other con men?  In the end, the vain grifters of the first rigging, were out-grifted by innocence. “…Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” 1 Corinthians 1:20.

The opposition party denied the people a peaceful transition of power.  For they have long known, unlike the innocent, that treasonous and tyrannical warring of the people’s minds is more dangerous than standing armies; and to further conceal tyrannical danger, “Russia hysteria” is a constant tool even though the dangerous issues are changing from one week to the next.

But why? Why did the opposition party in America propagate, and are still propagating, the renewal of a Cold War with Russia?

The madness escalated before the inauguration in a race of who would first be imprisoned.  While Trumpians chanted “lock her up” in regards to Hillary Clinton, the opposition party grifters fraudulently targeted at that time, President-elect Trump, for treason in relations with Russia.  Although the allegations were proven as fraudulent garbage, the propagation continues.

The magnitude of the opposition party’s willingness to pursue fraudulent propaganda, in an effort to falsely imprison the President-elect is inimitable.  At any other time in history, such a plan would have been successful.  But God gave the people new and independent media and the fraudulent allegations of treason surfaced and were quashed in hours; and thus, many of the forgotten men and women of America never knew the fraudulence had come and gone.

Nonetheless, the Russia hysteria continued allegedly for the necessity of a renewal of a Cold War with Russia. In the ether, the purported reason was to allegedly protect America from Russia’s evil nature and its potential for imperialistic communism. Yet, other tyrants are successful in consuming and altering countries in Europe “without swords, without guns, and without conquest.”   Germany, France, and Belgium no longer possess peace they once had:

The change in these countries is a direct result of the opposition party’s Open Border societies that were imposed on the people of the EU and America. In so doing, the rights of citizens were subordinated without the proper power of attorney of the people.  Essentially, the opposition party through its Open Border societies, were and are imperialistically spreading its brand of communism.  All the while, they’re attempting to revive the old Cold War of long ago when the fear in the world was from Russia imperialistically spreading communism. But, the new Cold War in the 2nd American Revolution is against the opposition party’s brand of imperial communism; and the opposition party is the new Russia.

There is only one time in history when liberty was declared for all people: “It is for liberty that Christ has set us free…” Gal 5:1.

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