God is Lonely VIII: Mainstream Media Fraudulence in Reporting the Inauguration

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires…” 2 Tim 4:3

The mainstream media reported with fraudulence, the attendance of President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.  First, they errantly splattered the eyes of Americans with a brainwashing picture of the inauguration before it had begun, and all attendees had not yet arrived; this presented a fraudulent appearance of little support for the new president.  Contrariwise, these same reporting mediums failed to report the record-setting crowds that attended rallies for President Trump leading up to the election; and they failed to report the low turnouts for the globalist liberal candidate.  Second, the globalist liberal mediums reported the inauguration of the 45th President using normalized statistics, when there’s nothing normal about it because:

  1. Assassination discussions and allusions required further security that limited access and entry to the inauguration; and
  2. The globalist liberal mainstream media gaslighted the 45th president and half of America; and
  3. The greatest acts of treason in history are taking place; and
  4. The 2nd American Revolution is ongoing.

Pointedly, it’s res ipsa loquitur, or self-evident that normalized statistics of past inaugurations cannot and must not be applied now.  A requirement to explain the foregoing is not only concerning but frightening. Under normalized statistics, the level of incompetence of globalist liberal mainstream media in a modern world where “men think” sets a world record; except, the blatancy and frequency of which such fraudulence reporting occurs shows malice – an intent to brainwash the masses.  For now, these cowards are hiding behind the First Amendment.

But it’s wartime, in the 2nd American Revolution.

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