God is Lonely V: Mexico is Already Paying for the Wall

President-elect Donald Trump, an artist at dealmaking, promised American voters that Mexico would pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to control immigration into the United States. It’s a firestorm topic.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto recently challenged Trump, asserting that “of course” Mexico is not going to pay for the wall.   And, former Mexico president Vicente Fox had previously proclaimed, “I’m not going to pay for that f***ing wall.”

There’s a reason why Trump’s Art of the Deal is an art of a deal: the art is rendered before the dealmaking begins.  As a result, Mexico pontificates that they’re not going to pay for the wall, while they’re actually already paying for the wall.  And Mexico is paying for the wall in the same manner that Americans paid Mexico in past decades; because there’s a transactional reverse osmosis happening now.

Several decades ago, jobs slowly diminished in America when corporations first began the exodus from the United States for relocation abroad.  More importantly, supply chains followed these corporations to remain in close proximity for just-in-time inventories.  Millions of jobs are within supply chains that comprise of small businesses, and medium to large corporations.  When corporations began moving abroad several decades ago, a slow-bleed began in the United States as the supply chain slowly moved out.  This slow bleed eventually led America to an intensive care unit as its jobs were gutted; and the end result was 95 million jobless Americans.

However, there were several shots heard ‘round the world in a transactional reverse osmosis.  The first shot heard ‘round the world as a result of President-elect Trump, was when Carrier changed its mind and decided to keep approximately 1000 jobs in Indiana in lieu of their plans to move them to Mexico.  The second shot heard ‘round the world was when Ford announced that it would scrap a plan to build a $1.6 billion dollar manufacturing plant in Mexico.  Further, Fiat-Chrysler recently announced a plan to invest $1 billion to modernize plants in Ohio and Michigan that will add 2000 new jobs.

History is rhyming, and just as the few U.S. corporations that first moved abroad several decades ago that led to the mass exodus, the opposite is now occurring.  This time, Mexico is experiencing the losing end of the stick.  These jobs that would otherwise be in Mexico that will instead move to or stay in America, takes dollars from the pockets of Mexico’s workers and puts dollars into the pockets of American workers.

Trump is already fulfilling one of his promises to America and Mexico is paying for the obstr***ing wall. 


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