God is Lonely III: A Plan to Destroy Facebook

“I used to think if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or a .400 baseball hitter. But now I want to come back as the bond market. You can intimidate everybody,” said James Carville when he was a Clinton administration advisor in 1993.  In that famous quote, Mr. Carville alluded to “bond vigilantes.”

Bond vigilantes can kill a country. Yes, kill a country!  Bond vigilantes can sell off a country’s bonds en masse, resulting in the disintegration of the value of the country’s bonds; the country becomes powerless to raise money through the bond market.  Further, the country’s currency may plummet as a result, and then, it finds itself on death row.  This going-for-the-kill is a reciprocal component of free-market capitalism.  And, these bond vigilantes can also kill a state, a county, a city, or a corporation.  An unGodly man, George Soros, who lives in infamy, has successfully employed these tactics.

Remember though, bond vigilantes are customers, and customers are one-half of the reciprocal relationship between buyers and sellers.  And, as a customer, bond vigilantes may choose not to buy a country’s product because of its fiscal or monetary mismanagement, or fraud therein.  

So, on one hand, bond vigilantes may be viewed as a killer of a country, while on another it is simply a customer.  Certainly, bond vigilantes are one or the other, and not always just an innocent customer.  The foregoing snapshot of bond vigilantes inevitably leads to the dangerous secrets about the warring mechanisms of money.  Thomas Jefferson warned us long ago that financial institutions are “more dangerous than standing armies.”  For now, suffice it to say, that money and its current mechanisms, can be a standing army in and of itself.

And how is this relevant to a plan to destroy Facebook?  First, based on other reports in the mainstream media in regards to Facebook’s impending plans of censorship, one might draw a conclusion that its brain is not yet fully recovered from a metaphorical stroke.  Second, this social media company appears to have amnesia – forgetting about the reciprocal nature of its customers.  In so doing, its looming plans may impose communistic censorship on its customers, and of real media.  Clearly, Facebook’s recent announcements could engage the following plan:

‘Censor true investigative news while insuring fake news is the mainstay’

Facebook has not declared its impending censorship in the foregoing way, but countries that may be killed by bond vigilantes don’t preannounce their planned evil actions either.  Unquestionably, based on the reports that Facebook has issued of its impending plans, its matrix could probably result in the censorship of true investigative news and promote fake news.

Therefore, will the bond vigilantes kill Facebook?  Interestingly, out there in the ether by an unknown source, there were words of a plan about Facebook, stated as follows:

“Millions of Facebook users could buy shares of Facebook stock.  And, if Facebook does indeed censor true investigative news in favor of fake news, these millions of shareholders could:  cancel their Facebook membership, maintain their stock holdings, and short sell Facebook’s stock. They could essentially become “stock vigilantes.”  And, because these millions of Facebook subscribers would not renew, Facebook’s future outlook could be painted as a picture of doom.  Then, there could be a probability that institutional investors, hedge funds, investment banks, and retail investors could join in on the massive sell-off of shares, while also short-selling the stock.  Bond vigilantes could even follow.  This could result in Facebook’s stock plummeting to a penny stock – hello first tech bubble crash.  These stock vigilantes, as shareholders, could also have a class action lawsuit status against Facebook upon the disintegration of the stock value that could be a result of Facebook’s leadership decisions.  And, in this scenario, the Board of Directors could also be implicated.  But, absolutely everything may be expedited at light speed, summarized as follows:

“Facebook, like all media, continues to distinguish news as “real news” or “fake news.” This is a red-herring as the globalist grifters grift the unawake Americans.  The grifters employ this because there are many things that can be fake that aren’t illegal by criminal or civil standards.  For this reason, it is preferable to the globalists to brainwash the masses by using the ‘real news vs fake news’ phraseology to keep it out of the legal context. But in truth, some of the fake news is fraud. And as Americans awaken to this, fake news won’t be the trumpeting mantra that trends – it will be fraud news – and fraud is fraud.  So in reality, all it could take for Facebook to destroy itself, or to preempt its impending plan, is for Americans to stop using the fake news mantra, and rightfully call fraud news, fraud.  When the phrase “fraud news” is as loud as “MAGA,” there will be a sea change; this is frightening to the globalists; they know it will be a transformative death knell in their metaphorical death.”

Reciprocal relationships can be beautiful in free-market capitalism.  Pointedly, if Facebook chooses to hide behind the First Amendment to employ brainwashing propaganda engagements in its newsfeeds, then its customers are in the driver’s seat of the reciprocal relationship.  And, in all, if implemented, and Facebook is destroyed, it will have penned its prologue of the plan to destroy and kill itself, otherwise known as suicide.  Hello Enron…hello Bernie Madoff; a world where court battles are easily won.

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One thought on “God is Lonely III: A Plan to Destroy Facebook

  1. When did we start looking at Facebook for our news? Why do we as Americans mix means of entertainment(enjoyment) with current events/news (informational). What happened to the statemental “I read it on the internet” lose its once fecesous standing? Commercial sites should always be questioned as its creators are for-profit? Why is the same etiquette in sourcing a research paper not still used while we browse social media (ENTERTAINMENT)


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