God is Lonely II: America Gaslights America, Part I

Neo-Nazism! It’s frightening. “Eugenics” was at the core of Nazism, and it is defined as the manipulation and control of breeding to achieve desired race populations.  In furor [führer] however, Hitler’s Nazis evoke nightmarish terror because of its use of eugenics for the mass genocide of Jews.  But, most Americans already know this!

It’s ludicrous that it’s now necessary to make a stipulation that most of the #MAGA Trumpians are good, honest, peaceful, hard-working, non-discriminatory citizens, and not neo-Nazis.  Most Americans also know this!  And reconciling these good-hearted people as neo-Nazis is such a ludicrous endeavor with too many non sequiturs, that it defies the progress of knowledge.  Yet, there it was — leading up to the 2016 presidential election, many Hillaryian liberals painted the majority of the #MAGA Trumpians as neo-Nazis.    

How and why did this preposterous propaganda propagate? The answer leads to a fearful conclusion while unraveling historical, self-evident truths of this conundrum inside a conundrum.

Hillaryians vs. Trumpians!  Most of the Trumpians are Evangelical Christians that believe in the 2nd Amendment, the U.S. Constitution in its original form while praising the Founding Fathers, and denouncing the concept of a “living-breathing-US-Constitution.” Contrariwise, most of the Hillaryians believe in a government that should be based on something very different than the U.S. Constitution, in addition to employing concerted efforts to diminish the historical reverence and relevancy of the Founding Fathers.  Interestingly, both Hillaryians and Trumpians are freedom-lovers, in their own way.  It is in the path to their freedom the two separate at the fork in the road as freedom-lovers that results in self-evident truths as follows:

Hillaryians are freedom-lovers – through bigger-government – that is a freedom-destroyer. Oppositely, #MAGA Trumpians are freedom-lovers – through smaller-government – that is a freedom-maker. In all, freedom-destroyers and not freedom-makers, leads to Fascism, or a form of neo-Nazism.   

How then on God’s green earth did this great flip-flop occur to stand history on its head?  It’s a bait-and-switch propagated with furor [führer]?

Hillaryians’ Conspiracy Theory

Hillaryians, who also gaslight Trumpians for creating conspiracy theories, lead the horse race of creating their own theory of conspiracy on the matter, and it can be read here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/history-of-alt-combining-form-prefix

In a quick summary, Hillaryians’ neo-Nazi conspiracy theory is based on the origin of “alt-right,” which then denotes “white supremacists,” which then denotes anti-Semitism, which then denotes genocide of non-whites, which then denotes, neo-Nazis.  That’s it!  This is their argument.

Debunking Hillaryians’ Conspiracy Theory

In all, each allegation that denotes another allegation in the foregoing Merriam-Webster summary is a self-evident, non-sequitur.  However, it is unwise to get bogged-down in all of the details, because it is in said bogged-downed arguments, that Hillaryians move the goal posts and create straw man arguments to perpetuate the fraud.  Instead, it is wise to attack the gigantic self-evident part of the Hillaryians’ conspiracy theory, and the massive fraudulency of it will become self-evident.

First, it’s paramount to note that Evangelical Christians are Judeo-Christians.  Merriam Webster defines a Judeo-Christian in the simplest form as:  “having historical roots in both Judaism and Christianity.”  In summary, Evangelical Christians’ faith is in the God of the Bible, of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The Old Testament is Judaism and the New Testament is Christianity; and combining these, makes Judeo-Christians.  Therefore, Judeo-Christianity holds paramount, the preservation of the covenants established between God and Abraham, and thereafter in the Old Testament, that endured; and one covenant God made with Abraham and his descendants that endured was the ordaining of the territorial lands for the descendants of Abraham; the territorial land is Israel.  Therefore, Judeo-Christians must not diminish or have complicity in breaking a covenant made with God; and Judeo-Christians may not be silent when witnessing acts against God’s ordainments and covenants. For these reasons, Judeo-Christians embrace the necessity of a U.S. foreign policy that includes a U.S.-Israel alliance. Therefore, it is not possible for Judeo-Christians to then be anti-Semitic; and therefore, it is not possible for Judeo-Christians, who are Christian Evangelicals, who are Trumpians, and who are the freedom-makers – to be neo-Nazis.

Secondly, many Hillaryians unequivocally embrace policies to diminish the staunch U.S.-Israel alliance as it has existed for decades.  Diminishing or abandoning the U.S.-Israel alliance leads to a simple conclusion:  there will be attempts for the mass genocide of Jews through war, or otherwise.  Radical Islamic nations such as Iran, openly trumpet their desire for the complete destruction of Israel.

In furor [führer], the top of the masters-of-the-universe of the Hillaryians, who are liberal globalists, know all of the foregoing and specifically as follows:

  • Judeo-Christians are non-negotiable and must engage a US-Israel alliance; and
  • Absent a U.S.-Israel alliance, there will be unending war against Israel for the sole purpose of a mass genocide of Jews.

So then, why are these masters-of-the-universe of the Hillaryians, or liberal globalists, allowing a great fraud to propagate fraudulent neo-Nazism through ludicrous non-sequiturs into the public psyche?  This great fraud could have been nipped in the bud very easily by these globalists, who are at the top of the mega billion dollar liberal media corporations.  But, they didn’t stop it.  In fact, this great fraud was and remains so successfully implemented it appears as a well-planned endeavor worthy as a conspiracy.  In all, it appears as a well-planned conspiracy that accuses its opponent of the very act it espouses.  Remember, it is the top brass of the Hillaryians that are pro Open Borders, and a diminished alliance between the U.S. and Israel, which will result in unending engagements and declarations of war for the mass genocide of Jews.  And, Barack Obama’s action on December 23, 2016 of abstaining America’s vote in the anti-Israel U.N. Resolution, instead of vetoing it, is a self-evident truth of Judeo-Christians’ greatest fear about the globalists.

Such a great fraud of bait and switch by merchandising neo-Nazism, come only from furor [führer]. Remember, it’s not a conspiracy theory, if it’s true, and then it’s a conspiracy! 

In all, the Hillaryians conspiracy theory against Evangelical Christian Trumpians is categorically fraudulent; however, the conspiracists of the great fraud are factual.  Pointedly, there was not only an absence of actions to quash the fraudulent merchandising and branding of neo-Nazism, but the actions to perpetrate the fraud increased post-election.

Simply, many Hillaryians are the guilty party of anti-Semitism in its relation to Israel, Orthodox Judaism, and Judeo-Christianity.  Trumpians have been gaslighted through a psychological operation, or a psyop, to make them appear as neo-Nazis to the masses.  This commoditization of evil employs psyops where the accuser selects an accused, and accuses the accused, of the very thing the accuser is guilty of doing; it’s a premeditated deflection perpetrated through intentional psyops.  For example, imagine if the CIA had assassinated John F. Kennedy, and then merchandised and branded the assassination on a patsy such as Lee Harvey Oswald.  The CIA’s staunch governmental position would give the appearance of credibility while it could secretly propagate a fraudulent psyop by gaslighting Lee Harvey Oswald; and the country could fall for it, easily.

The psyop to manipulate half of America to gaslight the other half of America as neo-Nazis, is more than a fraud under the guise of U.S. Constitutional protections in the 1st Amendment that circumscribe the freedom of the press; it wasn’t news and it wasn’t free-speech.  And, pinpointing a self-serving purpose for such a malicious, evil psyop operation is out in the open.  Especially, since it’s rare for a presidential election to make both sides so fearful because everything they believe in is on the line, and defeat will seemingly give death to their envisioned future of the country.  The answer to this was to “rig” the vote of the 2016 presidential election; everything was stake: 

America as America vs. America with and in globalism.

And, America gaslighting America was an act to rig the presidential election. This also gives part of an explanation of the pre-election fake polls – because the psyop operation, it seems to have been anticipated, would have given Hillary the victory. And although it failed for now, the country is in chains with millions of Americans unequivocally believing what is false to be true, and what is true to be false.  The long-term consequences of unwinding this imprisoned tragedy are of biblical proportions.

The responsible Hillaryians are today’s Sicherheitsdienst, who was the intelligence agency of the Schutzstaffel, or the SS in Nazi Germany under Hitler; and the responsible Hillaryians are not Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a Christian voice for staunch resistance against Hitler.  The guilty of this great fraud of co-opting the Fourth Estate for evil, could have resulted in, and may still result in a physical war. Comparable to those years long ago when Germany gaslighted Germany that led to W.W. II, America has now gaslighted America!  In furor [führer], the psyop operation by the “freedom-destroyers” against the “freedom-makers” was a great crime in a great crime; and unequivocally, it was an Act of War by the coup, against its people.

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