God is Lonely I.

The afflictions of a shiny city upon a hill, are two-faced – its inviolable light, no longer inviolable; they said it was a “beacon of light,” presumably, glimmering from as far as the mind’s eye could see.  One score and seven years ago, the acts of men, the ones of darkness, dimmed the light; but it was the silence of His men that permitted the blotting out of the light, and darkness speak’th as the master.

We, acted not only in disobedience, but ingloriously subsisted during the commission of the Highest abominable acts in this land, against God, in the Highest corridors of our secular vicars.   The hate is indefeasible and immutable in most compatriots, of these abominable acts – but hate is intolerance, and intolerance is an abomination.  A double-edged sword?  May it never be! 

For there is one act – a heinous act – that our tormented, divided country surrenders its division, and is one nation, in consent, to concur, that said act is an abomination; an act that most compatriots hate, and are thereby and thereto, united in justifiable intolerance.  May it be!  Appropriately, we are undividedly intolerant possessing hate of the act, while possessing an undivided Love for the Highest order of Nature’s beauty.

Resultantly, this divided country that speaks in two-divided-tongues would then clamor in one-united-tongue – even in this time of modernity, putative civility, and rehearsed humility — for the guilt to hang from the gallows, twitching and fluttering into permanent darkness like a torn tail of a lizard.

Separately, these vicars of abomination, our masters, walk haughtily in the hallways of grave sedition, flaunting it in fake news, fake press conferences, fake courts, and fake Courts; and We the People are fearsome of whether the absolutism of presidential pardons will undo non-hidden grave crimes, that thereby, reduce said grave crimes to a bastardization of ‘Situational ethics’.  For in the corridors of the abominable vicars where felonies are misdemeanors and misdemeanors are acts of nothingness – resultant from – the black holes of evidentiary items at the subjectivity of a master in darkness serving up prosecutorial discretion, they proclaim, “There’s nothing here.”  Blasphemous!  Sedition has its own standing, and sedition is there and here and no black holes will alter it. 

May it never be, as once was said, “When the president does it, that means it’s not illegal?”  Constitutionally, one argues the president can pardon itself for sedition.  Contrariwise, another argues the president cannot pardon itself for sedition.  For in the act of sedition, it, the president, has unbound its presidential capacity during the act, and it is no longer inviolable. 

How may an illegal pardon be made legal and the grifting vicars walk away, laughing at us all?  For it is not in the making of the law, or the adherence to it; it is in the fakeness of the pageantry of untruth, and the gaslighting of truth, to make the falsehood merchandised as truth.  Despite this regardlessness, truth is still truth, and falsehood is still falsehood. This commoditization of evil, could be the death of Freedom, and rests on whether the corridors of our vicars, are masters of darkness or masters of Light.

Two acts, one of a heinous nature against the Highest order of Nature’s beauty, and the other is an act of sedition in the Highest corridors of our land. Our hope and grace to break the chains from these dark acts by our vicars, is only by His grace and His lovingkindness, our lonely God that we made lonely.  For His Lamp of Light flickers on the “dark city upon a hill,” to lead a way out of the darkness to Light; and in those fleeting moments, He put in us, intonations of rightness to shake the grounds of America, “Lock her up…lock her up…lock her up.”  And at such time when, perhaps, humanness speaks, “Hear ye, hear ye, speak’th the truth as truth,” as we clamor at our electrical devices showing videos of the jackboots taking the bad guys, the masters of darkness, away in handcuffs.

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